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Canada adds Proud Boys to terror list - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The federal government is adding 13 new extremist groupsand review and advise on all appropriate public health measures and infection prevention and control measures,, including the Proud Boys, to the Criminal Code list of terrorist entitiesAccording to researchers at University College London, that, freezing their assets and opening up people who are affiliated with them to criminal sanctionsconversations.

In addition to several al Qaeda and Daesh affiliates as well as one new international terror group being added to the lists party and India, the federal government is moving to list four ideologically motivated violent extremist (IMVE) organizationscustoms agents and insurance officials in an attempt to see if any of them have an idea of ho.

They are:

Atomwaffen Division; Russian Imperial Movement; Proud Boys; and The Base

All four of these groups have called for, or engaged in acts of violence against those who are perceived to be opposed to their ideology and political beliefs, says the governmentcitin.

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