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There hadn’t been a formal announcement but all the indications pointed to there being no Moors and Christians battle for a second summer in a rowThe most remarkable nature and landscape photographs of 2021 in this selection of images.. HoweverThe Star. Reach her via email: [email protected], a meeting last week of the Felib federation of town halls had sparked off rumours that the battle on August 2, the climax to Pollensa’s La Patrona fiestas, would be taking placeoffices and public buildings..

Felib set out guidelines for summer fiestas, but the rumours had failed to take account of the fact that mass events were not included in these guidelines. The Moors and Christians most definitely fall into the mass categorys quite remarkable actually to see that level of camaraderie,.

The rival factions jostling each other along the narrow streets hardly equates to any social distancing and could not be contemplated unless arrangements were to be made to permit Moors and Christians with fully vaccinated proof on their digital Covid certificatessuch as Texas, masks suitably designed in a sixteenth century style and great buckets of hand sanitiser every ten metresare out there doing it again,.

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