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Guan Xuan! Sany Heavy Truck entered the era of independent power

on July 12, Sany Heavy Truck "this is the King Road - the launch conference of the first new car of Sany DEUTZ power, the King Road 435", was held grandly in Changsha Sany industrial city. At the press conference, Sany Heavy Truck announced that the first new car "Kingway 435" loaded by SANY DEUTZ power D12 engine was officially launched

this marks that Sany Heavy Truck has entered the era of independent power. At the same time, it also means that Hunan heavy truck has successfully solved the problem of "neck sticking" of high-end engines and ushered in the era of "self-sufficiency" of the key core components of truck power


the first 1000 new cars sold out in 39 seconds

in addition to more than 300 spectators attending the whole process, the new car launch conference on the same day also arranged a 10 hour online live broadcast to witness the new car launch with more than 2 million card friends across the country

at 3:00 p.m., Liang Linhe, director of Sany group and chairman of Sany Heavy Truck, Christian zuernstein, CEO of Deutz Asia Pacific, Li Xuejun, CEO of Deutz China, Zhang hongsong, general manager of Sany Heavy Truck, Hu Yuhong, general manager of Hunan DEUTZ Power Co., Ltd., and Wang Wei, project manager of Sany Wangdao 435, jointly unveiled the new car, It announced the official launch of the first new car, Kingway 435, of Sany DEUTZ power

the analog signal of Wangdao 43 is converted into digital signal through multi-channel switch and a/d conversion chip. 5 adopts the power combination of Sany DEUTZ D12 engine + fast gearbox + hande axle, in which the engine provides five-year unlimited mileage quality, and Mo element is added into high chromium cast iron surfacing alloy. At the same time, the new car is also equipped with 12 inch central control HD large screen, on-board WiFi, intelligent gear reminder, constant speed cruise, multi-functional air shock absorption seats and other functions

when Zhang hongsong, general manager of Sany Heavy Truck, announced on the spot that the new profit distribution of Kingway 435 was uneven, and the initial price of the car was 249800 yuan, the whole live broadcast room was detonated instantly. At 3:18 p.m., the online rush purchase of new cars began, and 1000 cars were swept away in only 39 seconds. Subsequently, the site temporarily decided to limit the purchase of 1000 units, which was quickly snapped up

change your life against the sky

Sany Heavy Truck entered the era of independent power

in March 2018, the first batch of 500 Sany Heavy Trucks sold out in 53 seconds after online sales, creating a precedent for the Internet sales of domestic industrial products. From research and development, sales to service, all links rely on the Internet. Sany Heavy Truck has achieved an annual sales of 5000 units in the first year of listing to more than 10000 units in the second year of listing. Through business model innovation, Sany Heavy Truck has become a "dark horse" in the domestic heavy truck industry

engine has always been the largest "lifeline" of domestic heavy truck manufacturers. In the face of sudden supply interruption of foreign engines, in order to completely solve the problem of "neck sticking" of core components, Sany Heavy Industry established a joint venture with DEUTZ engine in Germany - Sany DEUTZ, which was founded in Germany in 1864 and is the world's first manufacturer of internal combustion engines, At the same time, it is also the world's first engine mechanism pp/epdm that passes the Euro 5 standard T20 or pp/pe manufacturer

in September of that year, Sany Zhilian heavy truck project and DEUTZ engine project started. The industrial park where the project is located is the first park in Sany that is completely based on digital and intelligent technology. After reaching the production capacity, the park can realize the scale production of 300000 Zhilian heavy trucks, 600000 diesel engines and other core industrial chains and a new generation of construction machinery

Sany Zhilian heavy truck project and DEUTZ engine project

at present, the first intelligent production line of Sany DEUTZ power D12 engine in Changsha is under construction, and it is expected to be commissioned and produced in September, with an annual production capacity of 60000 units

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