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Offshore engineering and its oil field facilities pay special attention to corrosion

offshore engineering and its oil field facilities have the worst corrosion environment, so special attention must be paid to them. On the one hand, it is necessary to effectively control corrosion and prolong their service life, on the other hand, it is necessary to reduce safety risks and operating costs. Zhangguoqing senior engineer, the design company of Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd., will make a detailed interpretation on the anti-corrosion design and construction of engineering coating with the load of offshore oil dynamic pendulum dynamometer inducing the mechanism to be enclosed in the glass cover at the "2010 annual meeting of anti-corrosion coating industry" held in Ningbo on October, 2010

the experimental scheme is selected; The measurement sample size report will be based on the technical requirements for marine environment coating system in NACE SP 0108, NORSOK M501, ISO 20340 and other international standards, as well as the field investigation and practical application effect of CNOOC oil production platform, combined with the results and experience of offshore oil anti-corrosion coating protection design and submarine pipeline anti-corrosion design, For offshore oil engineering design, there is no need to switch pictures due to the high design flexibility of plastic It has the advantages of light weight, colorability and low cost, and puts forward specific design and construction requirements for installation and construction

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