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compared with the emerging digital fast printing industry, the offset short edition fast printing industry is both young and old, because it has only been six or seven years since the development of short edition color printing today; She is older because the history of short offset printing can be traced back to the office printing era in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Today's offset short format fast printing industry is not what it used to be. On the basis of retaining the original eight open monochrome small format offset printing machines, many fast printing stores have begun to invest in small format multi-color offset printing machines with less than six open and four open, aiming at the most dynamic color commercial short format printing market, such as samples, building books, advertising posters, exhibition materials, short format bills, labels and other high profit businesses. Although this market is much more exciting than simple text printing, it is more challenging, requiring enterprises to have higher flexibility, better printing quality, more new technologies and more comprehensive services. How to give full play to their strengths in the color commercial short edition printing market is the concern of every short edition fast printing operator

the market is larger than expected

I don't know whether it is an accident or the necessity of market development. I interviewed fourorfive offset short edition fast printing enterprises. They all completed the transformation from black-and-white document printing to color commercial printing from 1997 to 1998, and took the main role of various color commercial printing with domestic multicolor small format offset printing machines. There are more prints in their hands, both in quality and variety, than we thought

Shandong Zibo Zhoucun Junda Printing Co., Ltd. is a small fast printing enterprise with less than 10 people. With one Jingdezhen monochrome Offset Press and one Weihai Bintian four-color offset press purchased with an investment of 980000 yuan, it has entered the field of color offset printing, and its main business is the printing of ordinary picture albums and self-adhesive materials. In addition, it is also equipped with film laminating machine, binding machine and other post press processing equipment to undertake the printing business of short edition books, periodicals and picture books. General manager Sun Yong told the author that although the company has few staff, it has sophisticated equipment and high technical level. Generally, 14 to 15 sets of live parts can be completed every day, and delivery is guaranteed within 24 hours. It is precisely because of sufficient living resources, high production efficiency and fast service that the company recovered its investment cost in two years and became a famous fast printing enterprise in Zibo area

the potential of the short version bill printing market cannot be underestimated. Both Changchun Kepu fast printing Co., Ltd. and Shandong longhui Printing Co., Ltd. take bill printing as the main business of the company, and Changchun Kepu has taken carbon free carbon paper bill and ordinary bill printing as long-term products, monopolizing 90% of the short version bill printing market in Changchun and surrounding areas

Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province is famous for special printing, and the local short version fast printing also has the characteristics of special printing. For example, Wenzhou xindingsheng color printing paper products Co., Ltd. only relies on twoorthree small format offset printing equipment to undertake various businesses ranging from product labels and cards to export self-adhesive printing. Its products include books, greeting cards, handbags, etc. From xindingsheng company, we can see more clearly that the energy of small format offset printing cannot be underestimated

there are more products than expected

at present, domestic powerful offset printing machine manufacturers have shifted their target market to the color heavy machine market with more than six openings, and foreign brand manufacturers have also pushed the classic model of four openings to the short version color printing market. These big moves have proved unspeakably that it is less than four openings (640mm × 470mm) short edition printing market is developing steadily

1. Making full use of the advantages of format

the popularity of multicolor offset printing machines below the fourth opening is not only because it can alleviate the pressure of short offset printing business on production costs and make short offset printing more flexible and fast, but also because people gradually realize many of its unique advantages. For materials with small printing format, high registration accuracy requirements, and easy to deform or difficult to transmit, small format offset printing machines should be better, such as multi sheet bills with manual pages, thin paper (less than 30g/m2) handwritten bills, and printing with small format offset printing machines is more conducive to paper feeding and matching; For materials that are easy to curl, such as self-adhesive, plastic, etc., printing with a printing machine less than four openings can not only reduce the deformation of the material, but also facilitate the die cutting and stamping of the subsequent process; Small format printing can also simplify the book. How can the concrete pressure testing machine be maintained and used correctly to make the experimental results more accurate? The following is a brief introduction to the folding process of the next issue. Generally, it only needs one or two folds to bind. Therefore, if oil leakage is found, now some non short edition printing businesses have also turned to the field of small offset printing. For example, some high-end self-adhesive businesses of xindingsheng printing have printed tens of thousands of copies, which is also a reason for the increase of "long edition" business of short edition color printing. However, with the increase of long version business, new requirements are put forward for small format offset printing machines

2. Increase the variety of equipment and expand the product line

while doing a good job in color fast printing, most enterprises have not given up monochrome fast printing. It is understood that most fast printing enterprises still keep oneortwo simple monochrome small format offset printing machines, and some have small lead printing machines. On the one hand, it is conducive to business arrangement, on the other hand, it is also a good strategy to minimize costs. In addition, we can appropriately add coating equipment, Polish lithium-ion battery electrolyte and diaphragm, which are more and more important to improve battery performance and safety. We can prepare and post press processing equipment to expand the company's business. For example, Wenzhou xindingsheng paper products Co., Ltd. depends on adding printing machines and card printing machines to expand its business scope to the printing field of special materials and special effects

like large printing enterprises, the post press processing of short version fast printing is also ignored. It is understood that there are not many fast printing enterprises with glazing and laminating equipment, and a small number of semi-automatic and fully automatic binding equipment, not to mention UV glazing and UV printing. It is gratifying that some enterprises have revealed that they will increase investment in post press binding equipment, and which kind of post press binding testing machine produced by Huaguang Seiko and Yingkou Guanhua is suitable for you? They are interested in the equipment, but the high price makes them hesitant. To expand the business scope and change the product structure, post press binding is worth considering

3. Taking advantage of offset printing to develop strengths and circumvent weaknesses

not all short version fast printing enterprises have prepress design and production departments. Many small fast printing shops need to go outside to produce films, but this does not prevent the printing department from participating in prepress design work. The weakness of offset printing process is that the field printing is not thick, and the flat is slightly poor. This is true for large format offset printing machines, especially for small format offset printing machines. In order to improve the quality of color offset printing, printing participation in design is a perfect choice. According to our understanding, most fast printing enterprises will negotiate with customers to reasonably arrange the field and flat printing area and increase the proportion of eye tone images in the prepress design, so as to achieve the best effect of color offset printing

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