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Offset printing plate industry is facing technological progress

in mid September, the 2004 National PS edition working conference was held in Beijing, with nearly 200 participants, which may be the largest number over the years. We can see the prosperity of the PS edition industry and your attention to the dynamics of the industry. At the meeting, two leaders of the association, comrades Yue Demao and Liu Wanrui, respectively summarized the development of China's PS plate industry and printing industry last year. Some representatives introduced the new technologies in digital printing and CTP at this year's drupa exhibition, which aroused the interest of the participants and discussed the future development of offset printing plates in China. In particular, in the speech at the meeting, the news that the price of PS version will be reduced by 3 ~ 4 yuan per square meter next year also aroused the mood of communication after the peer conference. As we all know, the development of PS version industry is in a critical period, and many practitioners must make judgments and choices carefully

I. The pattern of PS version manufacturing industry has changed in recent years. At the meeting, the Association announced that the production volume of PS version in China last year was 95million square meters, which is the highest point of production statistics over the years, and believed that the total production capacity is not less than 130million square meters. Since China began the production of PS plates with single sheet processing technology in the 1970s, the production volume has been increasing year by year. Although the production in 2003 reached the highest level over the years, the annual growth rate of 16.65% in 2003 was lower than that of 30% in 2002, and the growth rate slowed down in 2003

in recent years, the pattern of PS version manufacturing industry has undergone some gratifying changes. The output and varieties of PS version are increasing, and the level of equipment and process technology are also improving

The annual output of the PS version has increased year by year, and the export volume has increased faster.

at the PS version annual meeting, the association provided the figures of the national PS version output and export volume in the past three years, which are: (10000 square meters) 2001, 6114 and 332; In 2002, 8000 and 972; 9500 and 1387 in 2003. The increase in the output of PS plates shows the development of China's printing industry and the expansion of the market for culture, publicity and advertising in the development of China's commodity economy. The double growth of the export volume of PS version reflects the strong anti-interference ability; Out of the regulatory role of market economy. After several or more years of market preparation and technical preparation, PS edition enterprises have gone abroad and sold PS edition to overseas markets

we should also maintain a calm attitude towards the overseas sales of PS version. The PS version we sell only has a medium-level technical level and occupies a small share of the global PS version market at a low price. The original intention of the vast majority of export manufacturers in overseas sales is nothing more than to avoid domestic brutal price competition and secure capital turnover. If China's PS version wants to really occupy a certain share of the international market, the work we need to do in technology is not achieved overnight

2. The construction of the new PS version production line has changed from single sheet continuous type to reel type

seven or eight years ago, the relevant leading comrades warned their counterparts in the industry that the production capacity of the PS version was excessive, but the construction of the PS version production line has never stopped. A few years ago, there was a "prosperous scene" of building nearly 20 single sheet production lines a year, but in recent years, the number of new reel production lines has greatly increased. At least 34 production lines have been built in Hebei, Sichuan, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and many reel production lines have been built in Jiangsu, Chongqing, Guangdong, Henan and other places. In particular, the high-speed production line built by foreign technology or foreign investment has changed the situation of PS version production in China to a great extent

there are five PS plate manufacturers with an annual output of 10million square meters in China. The second film factory has two production lines of more than 30 meters/minute. The speed of Fuji Xingguang's production line is 17 meters/minute and 30 meters/minute respectively. The speed of AGFA's production line is 60 meters/minute. The speed of the newly introduced British PS version production line of Sichuan Juguang company can reach more than 20 meters/minute. Together with Zhejiang Kangerda company, the annual production capacity of these five manufacturers can reach more than 10 ~ 20 million square meters, Except that Agfa's plates are not sold much in China, the other four factories account for half of the domestic market

the reel production line has stable operation, good product quality and high production efficiency. Changing from single sheet production mode to reel production mode is not only the expansion of production mode, but also the improvement and progress of technology. Beijing prite Technology & Trade Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of single sheet PS version production lines for more than 10 years, and has made great contributions to the establishment and development of PS version and recycled PS version manufacturing industry in China. It has sold more than 100 single sheet continuous PS version production lines. Two years ago, they independently developed a high-speed roll sheet dual-purpose PS plate production line, and built a comprehensive R & D and production base of PS plate, PS plate manufacturing equipment and PS plate photosensitive solution in Langfang, Hebei Province, preparing to make new efforts for the greater development of offset plates to high-tech. Longma aluminum group started from processing waste aluminum 10 years ago and has developed into a comprehensive enterprise today with PS plate manufacturing, PS plate production equipment manufacturing, aluminum plate base rolling and aluminum profile processing. It has independently developed and manufactured two drum production lines with a speed of 25 meters/minute, which have been put into production. It has also purchased land and is ready to continue to build six plate production lines and two high-speed plate coating lines, Build a large offset plate production base in Zhuozhou, Hebei Province

the production scale of the reel production line is large, and the production efficiency and labor productivity are relatively high. In the future, there will undoubtedly be some new content in the competition between PS version manufacturing enterprises. With more and more high-quality and low consumption products, enterprises with poor quality, small batch and insufficient financial support are difficult to face the requirements of the printing industry for the continuous improvement of plate quality

The supply enterprises of raw and auxiliary materials of version

have been fully equipped.

10 years ago, the aluminum plate base of PS version was produced by only two factories of North China Aluminum and northeast aluminum. At present, although there are still many imported version bases, manufacturers in Southwest China, Fujian, Henan and Zhuozhou can supply them. At that time, many phenolic resins and sulfonyl chloride used in photosensitive solutions were made from glass bottles. Today, all raw and auxiliary materials are served by professional manufacturers. Not only the aluminum plate base and photosensitive liquid are professionally produced, but also the packaging carton and lining paper are also specially provided for PS plate manufacturers. Beijing Thunderbird company and Jiangsu Taixing Oriental company have an annual production and sales scale of hundreds of tons of PS plate photosensitive solution, supporting the major PS plate manufacturers in the country. Those small enterprises that produce hundreds of kilograms of photosensitive liquid every month have gradually become self reliant from "one shot to another place", and the enterprises that prepare photosensitive liquid raw materials are becoming increasingly centralized and specialized. Benxi ruishida company relies on the technical advantages of the light Chemical Industry Research Institute of pulse reflection method (also known as reida method), sees the market, boldly abandons some other products, and focuses on the production of PS plate photosensitive liquid raw materials in just a few years. It has become the largest supplier of phenolic resin and sulfonyl chloride. In the past, only a few PS plate manufacturers used air conducting particle technology and photochromic technology, and the materials used were produced and used by each factory. This small batch production scale is not only high consumption and difficult to stabilize quality, but also not conducive to the improvement of the overall level of PS plate manufacturing industry in China. The Institute of Applied Chemistry of Beijing Normal University once helped some enterprises establish the production base of photosensitive liquid and its raw materials. Now it produces a variety of photogenic acid compounds in batches, which are supplied to the country with high quality and low price. Beijing tebang company specializes in the production of acrylic gas conducting particle materials and gas conducting particle coating equipment for air spraying and electrostatic spraying. These manufacturers have played a driving role in improving the quality and technological progress of PS version in China

a few years ago, our PS plate factory may use the photosensitive solution supplied by several manufacturers at the same time, and the operators will irrationally change the photosensitive solution frequently, but the finished plate will still have various quality problems inexplicably, and the product performance will change from time to time. As a result, the users are angry, the PS plate factory is anxious, and the raw material supplier can do nothing. Now it is different. The quality of various raw materials is basically stable, and there will be no problems in use and operation. PS version manufacturers have smooth production and sales from top to bottom, and there are fewer and fewer contradictions in after-sales service. More importantly, the stable quality of raw materials has created necessary conditions for improving the quality of PS version

The overall level of the manufacturing technology of the

version is constantly improving

on the basis of accumulating more than 10 years of experience in PS version manufacturing, most enterprises have carried out many technical transformations, and the new production lines have also applied the latest technology. At present, the application of technologies such as non-stop roll changing, automatic tank liquid monitoring, automatic replenishment, wet oxidation conductivity, plate base liquid layer coating, vacuum sealing layer coating and high sensitivity and high contrast photochromic photosensitive liquid has been relatively common, which has improved the level of PS plate manufacturing technology in China as a whole. Many enterprises have accumulated many years of production experience, carried out technological transformation by themselves, and also organized their own forces to design and build new PS version production lines. In the past two years, some enterprises in Hebei, Sichuan, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places have newly built production lines with maximum load elongation and failure elongation designed by themselves: under the action of tensile stress, they try to produce elongation manufacturing lines under maximum load or within the gauge length at the time of failure. This situation also opens the way for more use of new technologies

some production lines built by Sichuan Juguang company with British equipment and technology can run at a speed of more than 20 meters/minute, with stable operation and good plate quality, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the enterprise. Ju GUANG company can even stop using some of its original low-speed production lines to maintain higher production. The two production lines with a speed of more than 30 meters/minute of Rakai No. 2 film factory have become the big brother of China's PS plate manufacturing industry in terms of output and quality, which fully shows the advantages of technology

although we have more than 10 new production lines put into operation every year, and the output of PS version is increasing every year, we must realize that there is still a big gap between our PS version manufacturing technology and the quality level of PS version and technologically developed countries. For more than 10 years, the design speed of the production line we have built has never exceeded 15 meters/minute, and the running speed has basically not reached the design speed. This can not be said to be the biggest regret in more than 10 years. There is not much investment in development and repeated construction, and our PS plate manufacturing industry has invested too little in the development of PS plate manufacturing equipment. PS plate manufacturing technology mainly includes manufacturing equipment and photosensitive material manufacturing. In terms of the development and production of photosensitive materials, there are at least fourorfive independent units in the country, including Beijing Normal University chemical laboratory, ruishida company and Thunderbird company, which support the development of enterprises with R & D. enterprises such as Rakai erjiao and Zhaowei are independent R & D production enterprises. With the efforts of R & D personnel in these units, our photosensitive fluid technology has reached today's level. However, there are only two manufacturers of PS plate manufacturing equipment in the country. From the operation of the existing web plate production line, it is not simple to build a high-speed production line to catch up with the world's advanced level. By May this year, China has installed 333 sets of CTP devices, and the installation volume in one year has reached 20% of the retention in the past five years. CTP in developed countries has occupied half of the offset printing market. CTP has excellent resolution and timeliness, and CTP is replacing the traditional PS version faster and faster. CTP plate

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