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With the huge consumption of energy and the strict environment, HRC: the hardness obtained by 150kg load and diamond cone press is heavily polluted. Wind energy has become a renewable energy widely valued by countries all over the world, and wind power has become a new and important form of power generation. With the maturity and improvement of wind power technology, offshore wind power has gradually become a new field of wind power development. In China, compared with land wind energy, offshore wind energy has its unique advantages, so offshore wind power will become an important part of China's power energy structure

the technical background is fast and slow

wind energy is an unstable energy, which is greatly affected by the wind speed, and the output of the wind farm also changes, depending on the wind speed, especially in the peak load period, the wind farm may deal with very small problems, while in the non peak load period, the wind farm may deal with very large problems, so the safe operation of power will be seriously affected after the wind farm is connected to power. Therefore, the way of wind power access is particularly important

electricity must provide sufficient means to maintain the safe and stable operation of electricity, and put forward requirements for the operation performance indicators of large-scale wind farms. Offshore wind farms are generally distributed in areas far away from the coastline, showing the characteristics of centralized distribution and parallel operation of multiple wind turbines. Each wind turbine is similar to a small power plant, and its impact on electricity varies according to the performance of each unit

in general, the factors that need to be considered when large-scale offshore wind farms are connected to power include:

the impact of wind power on power stability

impact of wind power on system reactive voltage

the impact of wind power on power quality

the impact of wind power connection on the operation cost of power system

current situation of wind power access technology

the traditional power access mode is one-point access and multi-point use, that is, the power source of general electricity is unique, which can meet the use of all nearby power users. However, with the rise of distributed wind power generation, the power in electricity changes from one point to many points, and is distributed in different geographical locations, which leads to the operation mode of electricity changing into multi-point access and multi-point use. The trend direction of each power source is not fixed, that is to say, the wind farm may send power to the electricity, or absorb power from the electricity, which will have a great impact on the power access technology of the wind farm

at present, considering many factors, the power access technology of offshore wind farms mainly includes AC access technology and DC access technology. AC transmission and DC transmission constitute the power access system of offshore wind farms

high voltage AC transmission access

for the high voltage AC transmission access mode of the offshore wind farm, the AC generated by the offshore wind turbine is transmitted to the AC bus of the AC assembly system of the offshore wind farm. After assembly, it is boosted by the transformer and connected to the onshore main power by the AC submarine cable. Because the charging capacitance on the AC cable line is very large, the output reactive power will lead to the outlet voltage of the wind farm becoming higher, so the reactive power compensation device must be installed before connecting the power. When the offshore wind farm operates normally, the reactive power compensation device absorbs reactive power. When the offshore wind farm fails, it is required to provide reactive power support to the offshore wind farm

the biggest advantage of this access method is that the system structure is simple and the cost is low. In practical engineering, it is generally used for transmission capacity microcomputer hydraulic universal formula. N is called the deformation strengthening index, K is called the wind power access system with small transmission distance compared with the universal experimental machine of micro electric machine

high voltage DC transmission access

at present, most of the electricity generated by power plants and the load electricity of users are AC power supply. If DC transmission is to be adopted, converter stations need to be installed to convert AC into DC for transmission. The simple HVDC transmission system at both ends is mainly divided into two converter stations and DC transmission cable lines. DC transmission system can control the transmission power by controlling DC voltage and DC current. At the same time, it can reverse the power flow by changing the polarity of DC, which is convenient for the interconnection of two sections of electricity

it is found that the system loss of electricity can be reduced, the voltage stability can be improved, the power quality can be significantly improved, and the penetration power and reactive power environment of offshore wind farms will also be significantly improved by connecting the offshore wind farms to electricity through light DC transmission

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