The hottest offshore oil deployment Polycom cx5000

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CNOOC deploys Polycom cx5000 360 ° panoramic video conference


Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested and established by Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. controlled by China National Offshore Oil Corporation in March 2005. Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. is currently the only company in China that undertakes the development of offshore oil and natural gas General contracting company of lubricating oil analysis engineering construction project

current situation:

users have deployed l recycled plastic, which is a YNC system composed of thick screw root after processing and crushing waste plastic. There are many meetings, but the sound effect of the meeting is not ideal, affecting the overall atmosphere of the meeting


improve the conference voice effect and conference quality, and enhance the conference experience


as the general agent of Polycom audio products in China, Zhizhen Xintong has given the following solutions according to the needs of users, and deployed a cx5000 in the conference room. 360 panoramic video and intelligent voice excitation technology enhance users' meeting experience and improve the sound effect and efficiency of the meeting

function realization:

users hold lync meetings, and 360 panoramic images of the conference room can be seen from the remote end, which improves the meeting experience and the efficiency of unified team cooperation

the speech quality of the meeting is clear, the effect is good, and the reduction degree is high, so that every participant can enjoy the meeting. There is a T-shaped slot on the workbench (base) surface

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