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Application of Delta V series inverter torque control mode in slitting machine Abstract: This paper mainly introduces the application of Delta V series inverter torque control mode. The practice shows that delta inverter can fully meet the needs of customers, which also lays a solid foundation for entering the packaging machinery market

keyword: turn mode PG feedback

1 introduction

in 2004, the packaging industry continued to maintain rapid development, the total industrial output increased by 20% year on year, and the total industrial output value has reached more than 300 billion yuan. It has risen from the last to the 12th in the ranking of more than 40 industries in China. In the comparative analysis with other manufacturing industries, the total profit growth rate of the packaging industry is as high as 44.58%, and the sales revenue growth rate is as high as 21.38%, which is much higher than other industries, indicating that the packaging industry is a "sunrise industry" with great development capacity in China. From 2006 to 2010, the annual output value of the packaging industry is expected to reach 450 billion yuan, maintaining an average annual growth rate of 7.5%

from the overall development of China's packaging industry, China's national economy will continue to maintain a sustained and stable development trend in the next few years, which will drive the comprehensive and sustainable growth of the demand and supply of the packaging industry; Through qualitative and quantitative economic analysis, we predict that the sales revenue and total industrial output value of the packaging industry will reach about 500billion yuan by 2010, and the production and sales will maintain a basic balance

2 system architecture

inverter model: 2 sets of vfd037v43a+pg-05 +vfd055b43a

encoder specification: 1024 lines/revolution, 12V power supply, phase A and B, voltage

encoder wiring is shown in figure 1:

encoder wiring diagram

main electrical wiring is shown in figure 2:

main electrical wiring diagram

● start vfd055b43a, drive C roll, and rotate the external potentiometer.The speed of roll C is adjusted by the regulator, The analog output signal afm-acm changes with the frequency of the frequency converter

● start two vfd037v43a, and adjust the torque of rollers a and B in the tension controller. In the torque mode, the speed of rollers a and B changes with the load, and the speed is low when the load is large; If the load is light, it will run at the highest speed, which is prone to runaway. According to preliminary calculation. The analog input of Delta V series frequency converter can limit the upper limit frequency, so as to achieve the maximum speed of the control motor

3 process requirements

● after the C roller runs, attach the paper roll of the peripheral paper barrel

● avoid the impact on the experiment. At the cutter, the cutter rotates and cuts the whole paper into 8 equal parts. 1, 3, 5 and 7 strips are wrapped on the a roller, and 2, 4, 6 and 8 strips are wrapped on the B roller

● the linear speed of the A and B rollers is greater than the linear speed of the C roller, so that the paper can be wrapped tightly on the A and B rollers

● a The speed of B roller can change with the speed of C roller

● the torque of a and B rollers can be adjusted through the tension controller to control the tightness of paper winding

Figure 4 Schematic diagram of a and B rollers for slitting

system commissioning


01- 00 maximum operating frequency: 50

maximum voltage frequency: 50

first frequency setting source: 1- analog signal dc0- +10v control is input from external terminal avi

02- 01 first operation command source: 1- operation from external terminal, Keyboard stop key effective


PG frequency: 46

frequency command source: 2- set by external analog input

operation command source: 1- operated by external terminal

maximum operation frequency: 50

maximum voltage frequency: 50

first acceleration time: 1

first deceleration time: 1

analog input 1 function (AVI): 4- upper limit frequency

analog input 2 function (AVI AUI) : 1-frequency/torque command

analog input bias 1 (AVI): 0.5

analog input 1 gain (AVI): 120

analog input 3 gain (AUI): 200

low speed excitation compensation: 0

torque pre control feedback: 0

PG points: 1024

PG input setting: 0

PG feedback signal error time: 1

v series converter product features:

● yes magnetic beam vector control frequency converter

● 0.5hz180% to promote the development and progress of green composite technology and achieve high starting torque

● braking dynamic torque above 0.0hz130% is realized

● 32-bit fast microprocessor RISC

● with vector, torque control and position control

● dual rated, one machine for dual use

● PG speed feedback and PID feedback control

● energy saving operation and sleep control

● with 4-segment s acceleration and deceleration curve and speed tracking mode

● built in Modbus communication interface (dual communication ports)

● multifunctional digital/analog, output/input terminals

● 3000hz can be output

Figure 5 Slitter table

Figure 6 motor and reduction belt

Figure 7 Slitter a, B and C rollers

figure 8 Slitter console

5 conclusion

1 The mechanical structure of the equipment is greatly simplified

2. The transmission motor adopted has the advantages of simple structure, maintenance free and long service life

3. All electric control is realized

4. The products produced are reliable in quality and well received by users. (end)

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