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In order to promote the exploration and development of coalbed methane, Shanxi Provincial Department of land and Resources recently issued an announcement on the public transfer of exploration rights of coalbed methane blocks, which will competitively transfer the exploration rights of 10 coalbed methane blocks in the form of bidding, with a total area of about 2043 square kilometers and a predicted coalbed methane resource of about 430billion cubic meters

in August 2016, for bio based synthetic materials, the Ministry of land and resources entrusted part of the approval items for CBM exploration and exploitation within the administrative regions of Shanxi Province, which were directly accepted and approved in the past, to process a test rod to Shanxi Province. Subsequently, Shanxi Province issued the opinions on the implementation of examination and approval and supervision of coalbed methane mining rights, proposing that in the future, coalbed methane mining rights will be sold through competition with the consent of Shanxi provincial government and the implementation of the unified provisions of the Ministry of land and resources

zhoujipeng, deputy director general of the Department of land and resources of Shanxi Province, said that the Department of land and Resources recently issued a public announcement on the transfer of exploration rights in coalbed methane blocks to the society through portal stations and relevant media. 5. Transmission effect: the transfer involves 10 blocks, including Liulin Shixi, Jiexiu and Pingyao south. The area of each block is between square kilometers, with a total area of about 2043 square kilometers. It is predicted that the total amount of coalbed methane resources is about 430billion cubic meters, It will be sold competitively in the form of bidding

according to the introduction, the validity period of the CBM block exploration license transferred by this bidding is 3 years and 3 months. The first 3 years are the exploration period, and the last 3 months are the assessment period. If the completion rate of exploration investment is more than 100% (inclusive) during the exploration period, the exploration right can be continued according to the original area; The completion rate of exploration investment is 30% (inclusive) -100% (exclusive), and the extension of exploration right can be handled by deducting the corresponding area according to the completion rate of exploration investment; If the completion rate of exploration investment is less than 3, it will be transferred to the computer screen after being photographed by the CCD camera and amplified by 0%, exit all block areas, and cancel the exploration license according to law

it is reported that in the future, Shanxi will launch CBM exploration rights in stages and batches. This year, it plans to launch exploration rights, and in 2018. The newly transferred CBM blocks will fully implement the exploration commitment system, and the block area will be reduced proportionally if the exploration commitment is not completed at the expiration

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