60000 to build poly Park Jiuli simple two rooms

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For small house decoration design, modern simple style is the most appropriate choice. Simple color matching and simple interior decoration, the final effect of seemingly ordinary decoration is often unexpected, very fashionable and comfortable. The design in the following group of design renderings of poly Park Jiuli is very good. Let's have a look

decoration files:

decoration community: Poly Park Jiuli (more decoration renderings of poly Park Jiuli) decoration company: Decoration bidding decoration house type: two bedrooms and two halls decoration method: half package decoration style: simple contract amount: 60000

there is no luxurious chandelier on the ceiling, but small and exquisite spotlight as lighting, which is conducive to the uniformity of indoor lighting, And the bright light reflected on the wall creates a beautiful light and shadow effect; The white background wall presents a rich and colorful aesthetic feeling because of the decoration of black border paintings; The beige fabric sofa is simple, soft and comfortable, and the matching pillows have become the highlight of decoration; The blue square stool and scarlet chair matched with the sofa have become the biggest attraction of this small house decoration design effect picture. The color is bright and the shape is fashionable, bringing a very good physical and mental experience

the indoor area of the decoration effect drawing of children's room is relatively spacious, and there is enough space to design an independent study location for children, which can make children's growth and learning work together. In a room, it also makes children more independent. It is more appropriate to design a study near the window, with sufficient lighting, and it is a good choice to see the scenery outside when tired

the white dining chair with black pattern has a simple and very fashionable shape, and the simple white rectangular dining table is matched appropriately. The elegant bouquet on the desktop is an important element to create a warm and romantic dining atmosphere. The decorative painting fills the blank of the wall. The hemispherical chandelier on the ceiling has a beautiful design, and the mirror on the background wall is the focus of this decoration design effect picture, It expands the space and creates a visual impression of double beauty. For small family homes, it is a very good design method to skillfully use mirrors

the gray bedside background wall establishes a stable style of the space. The silver gray metal spherical chandeliers on both sides of the bedside backrest are extremely simple in shape and have a great sense of design beauty, which is the charm of the fashion trend. The warm colored bedding creates a very warm sleeping atmosphere, which makes people feel more comfortable. The wine red floor curtains are not only the focus of the bedroom decoration design in the figure, but also render the romantic style of the space. For small family bedrooms, simple decoration is necessary to have a loose and comfortable environment, and if you want to achieve the desired fashion effect, you need to carefully select these simple decorative elements

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