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Zhao Rong

Huainan employees who purchase houses that are rough houses or second-hand houses can withdraw the provident fund of themselves, their spouses and their immediate relatives for housing decoration at one time within 4 years after the completion of the real estate ownership certificate. It is not limited by the area of the house. Each house can only be withdrawn once. The sum of the withdrawal amount and the loan amount can exceed the total price of the house (including the purchase price, the deed tax paid, and the maintenance fund), and the withdrawal amount shall not exceed 800 yuan/m2. When withdrawing, the provident fund of the property owner and his spouse should be withdrawn first, and the insufficient part can be withdrawn from the provident fund of the immediate family members of the property owner

before handling the house property certificate for the demolished and restored house, in addition to the housing area difference, the provident fund of 800 yuan/m2 can also be withdrawn for house decoration

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