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The design of rounded corners is relatively smooth, which can reduce the damage of collision. If parents are not at ease, they can also go to IKEA to buy a kind of transparent anti-collision fillet with colloid, which can be pasted on the corner of the table and other positions. It is also very practical, but the disadvantage is that this fillet is not pasted firmly, and it needs to be checked regularly to see if it is loose

the weight of children's furniture seems to be a little extreme, either extremely heavy or extremely light. In fact, this is also exquisite, in order to prevent it from hurting children. Because the child's strength is limited, he may be able to lift the furniture, but he may not have enough strength to last for a certain time, so he may let the furniture in his hand slide down and hit his feet. Of course, the possibility of being injured by the light furniture made of plastic is very small

in addition, cartoon shaped storage bags can effectively cultivate children's interest and habit of actively picking up debris. For example, IKEA has a dragon shaped wall storage bag, which is deeply popular with children. In terms of bedding, experts recommend using pure cotton, because pure cotton is safe and breathable, which can prevent their delicate skin from allergic reactions to textiles

some younger children like to put what they think is fun into their mouth. No matter whether it can be eaten or not, they don't know that swallowing it by mistake will cause harm, so it is also very dangerous. Therefore, the furniture for children emphasizes the safety of small accessories, and try to make small accessories larger, which is not easy for them to put into their mouths. Of course, the firmness of small parts is also very important. If they can't take them out, they won't eat them by mistake. For example, the hardware fasteners mentioned above are generally made very tight, making it difficult for children to pull them down

Finns have a history of pine processing for more than 300 years. Pine processing technology ranks first in the world, and the process is very mature. The pine that was originally squeezed by excessive resin was degreased and dried into high-quality processing materials, and the plain texture, lifelike texture and pure and bright color of the pine were maintained. Of course, the surface of wooden furniture for children must be completely polished and smooth without barbs

don't underestimate the rounded corner design of desks, cabinets and storage boxes. It is very useful to ensure the safety of children's activities. Because children are active, it is common to run and jump in the room. If they are not careful, they will hit the corner of the table. If the corner of the table is sharp, it is particularly easy to cause injury




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