Qun Ximen reposes his brilliance in his heart and

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Repose the brilliance in your heart, listen to Santorini's Pink Fantasia, and Qun Ximen listens to it with you

about Santorini's Pink Fantasia

the vast sea of people,

how many landscapes can be seen and how many stories can be heard in your heart

holy "Saint"

entrusted "trust"

heart "

Titanic" Ni "


is the most appropriate interpretation of Santorini

reposes the dream in my heart, which is sacred and has the brilliance of Titanic

you may not have noticed Santorini's tenderness,

never felt Santorini's romance,

however, whether you come or not, it is there

different from the unrestrained spirit of Paris and the enthusiasm of Bali,

Qun Xi wooden door integrates the romantic calm and introverted spirit of Santorini,

in the quiet years, it will imbue you with a lifetime of youth

just think,

stop in the pink princess world to have a cup of afternoon tea,

talk with friends and lovers,

at this moment,

just hope that the time is slower and slower


pink is extraordinarily gentle,

it seems that the air is full of sweet and warm breath,

such a wooden door is simply not too dreamy ~

just want to be immersed in such a state to dance, don't wake up

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