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As we all know, high air humidity in rainy season is not conducive to decoration, but some families have to decorate for various reasons. If no corresponding protective measures are taken in the decoration construction at this time, it will have an impact on the progress and quality of the decoration project. Therefore, many owners have concerns about the decoration in rainy season. So what must we pay attention to when decorating in rainy season

1. Decoration and construction in rainy days are not suitable

many owners believe that the cool weather in rainy days is conducive to accelerating the progress of the project. In fact, experts warn that there are two things that should not be carried out during the rainy season

first, do not feed: a lot of wood is used in decoration, such as European pine board, Australian pine board and even wood floor, which will have a certain moisture content standard, and these materials should not be transported to the new home and stacked on the rough ground in rainy days. Moreover, before purchasing these products, we need to consult or test their moisture content in detail. According to the standard, the moisture content of the plate shall not exceed 12%. In addition, the owner had better buy materials from the large wholesaler, because the wood of the large wholesaler has been dried. The moisture content of wooden materials will not dry and crack due to the sudden increase and decrease of air moisture content

second, it is not suitable to paint: because it is particularly hot and humid in rainy days, wood products not only dry slowly after painting, but also the paint absorbs moisture in the air and is prone to fog. In addition, because the latex paint dries slowly, there will be mildew and taste change in this hot weather

2. Three notes on decoration and construction in rainy days

decoration is a long and trivial process, and the effect lies in the details, so the owner should pay special attention to many details when decorating in rainy season

first, reasonably arrange the construction period. The owner should reasonably arrange the construction process and progress according to the weather changes. For example, painting is not allowed in rainy days. In order not to delay the construction period, the owner should supervise the workers to do other work. Workers can do kitchen and bathroom projects unaffected by the weather in rainy days

second, pay attention to closing the window for dust removal. Windows cannot be opened in rainy days. If construction is carried out with doors and windows closed, attention must be paid to watering and other ways to reduce dust in advance. In this way, indoor dust will not damage the just completed project

third, pay attention to safety and fire prevention. Safety comes first at any time of decoration. In rainy days, because all kinds of decorative materials are stacked indoors, and many materials are inflammables, we must pay attention to safety and fire prevention. The best way is to supervise workers not to smoke at the construction site, and there must be a fire extinguisher on standby at the construction site

III. four delays in decoration and construction in rainy days

every owner is eager to finish the construction period as soon as possible and move into his new home in advance when he starts to decorate his new house. However, in the rainy season, the owner should calm down temporarily. In order to achieve perfect decoration effect and stable quality in the future, it is necessary to extend the construction cycle of four processes in the rainy season

first, the air drying time is delayed. The wind in rainy season is also full of moisture. When doing some projects that need to be dried, the time of drying in rainy days is 2-3 times that of normal times

secondly, the grass-roots treatment is delayed. The putty and wall lining of the wall base course need to be dried for a day in rainy days. If these base courses are not treated well, even if they are painted with expensive emulsion paint in the future, problems such as bulges and cracks will soon appear

again, extend the drying time of the wall. The normal time is about two hours, and rainy days should be extended according to the weather conditions

finally, the drying time of wood paint shall not be less than 3 hours. Sufficient delay will make the color of the paint more bright, full and shiny

IV. five ways to avoid decoration construction in rainy days

the key to construction in rainy season is moisture-proof. The following five kinds of work should be best avoided in rainy days

1. Avoid hasty construction. Decoration is a meticulous work. For a comfortable life in the future, there is no need to rush for construction in order to buy some time

2. Avoid cement treatment. Do not buy Cement in rainy days. When paving bricks on the ground in rainy days, it is best to cover the cement surface with kraft paper or plastic cloth

3. Avoid paving the floor. In rainy days, the floor is easy to deform or empty, especially on the first floor, which is easy to return to moisture

4. Avoid making furniture. If you make furniture at this time, it is very likely to cause quality problems in furniture doors and cabinets in the future

5. Avoid laying circuits to prevent wires from being wet and short circuited. In places prone to rain, such as balconies, be sure to wrap the copper head exposed outside the wire when burying the wire, so as to avoid accidents

V. It is necessary to prevent wires from being short circuited due to moisture

during decoration in rainy days, attention should be paid to the standardized operation of circuit transformation, especially in places prone to rain, such as balconies. Copper wire ends exposed outside the wires when the wires are not buried must be wrapped to prevent wires from being short circuited after moisture. This should be paid more attention to the wires surrounding the damp wooden keel, large core board and other wooden products. If you are not careful about these parts, it is likely to cause a fire

special reminder: in thunderstorm days, the circuit transformation in home decoration must be stopped, otherwise it is very dangerous

VI. paint construction should be avoided in rainy days

for wood products, whether it is painting varnish or painting nitrocellulose paint when mixing oil, it should not be carried out in rainy days. Because a layer of water vapor will condense on the surface of wood products in rainy days. At this time, if you brush paint, the water vapor will be wrapped in the paint film, making the surface of wood products muddy. For example, brushing nitrocellulose paint on rainy days will lead to uneven color, while brushing paint will cause whitening. If you must catch up with the construction period, you can add a certain amount of whitening powder to the paint. Whitening powder can absorb the moisture in the air and accelerate the drying speed, but it will also have a certain negative impact on the project quality. Therefore, in general, even if the construction team is asked to do other work first or temporarily stop work for two days, it is also best not to do paint work in rainy days

special reminder: Although rainy days have little impact on the painting of emulsion paint on the wall, we should also pay attention to appropriately extending the time for wall drying after the first painting. Generally speaking, the normal interval is about 2 hours, and rainy days can be extended according to weather conditions. The wall putty can be scraped as soon as possible. Some processes need a drying process. For example, the wall putty on the wall and ceiling should go through a drying period every time, and it can be scraped again only after each time is completely dry. In rainy seasons, it is more difficult to dry. It is also common that a layer of putty has not dried out for a week after scraping. Therefore, during construction, this process should not be carried out at the end of the project. It is best to arrange it earlier so that the interval can be longer for drying

puttying generally requires 2-3 times, during which the normal drying time is 1-2 days. When applying putty in rainy days, wipe the water vapor on the wall with a dry cloth to keep the wall as dry as possible. If you are unlucky and encounter continuous rainy weather, the air is too wet and the wall is not easy to dry, you can use a sunlamp to illuminate the wall, so as to promote its drying as soon as possible, so as to avoid yellowing, bubbling and other problems in the future

VII. What can we do on rainy days

the principle of rainy season construction is to reasonably arrange the construction process. Large decoration companies will stagger the time of the project process when they receive the projects of families working in rainy season, so as to finish the works that are not suitable for construction in rainy days in advance, so as to avoid the hidden dangers caused by rainy season construction

first of all, on the premise of ensuring the quality of woodworking construction, we should speed up the progress of woodworking by increasing the number of personnel, and finish the woodwork before the rainy day, so that we can leave more time for oil work, which will not be greatly affected in rainy days, and the urgent construction period and the quality of oil decoration engineering can be guaranteed

in addition, generally speaking, because family decoration is an indoor project, we can focus on some construction projects that have nothing to do with wood and paint. For example, the waterway reconstruction in the early stage of decoration is an indoor project, so it is not affected by rainy days. However, the circuit reconstruction now adopts casing embedding construction, and there is no safety problem. If you have entered the mid-term of decoration, you can first complete the paving construction of wall and floor tiles in your home, but the plastered cement will still be affected by the humidity of the air, which will slow down the setting speed. Therefore, after paving the floor tiles, you can't step on them immediately. You should set up a springboard to facilitate passage. The ground at home needs to be leveled, and it is also suitable for construction in rainy days




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