Belarusian hacktivists claim drone attack on Minsk

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Belarusian hacktivists claim drone attack on Minsk riot police base - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Belarusian cyber-activists claim to have targeted a riot police building in northeastern Minsk in a first-of-its-kind drone attack last month.

Busly Latsyats (Flying Storks) was formed on November 13 last year amid an ongoing crackdown on dissent over Belarus” disputed presidential electionThe variant was first identified i. Long time leader Alexander Lukashenkotoronto_police, dubbed Europe’s last dictator, was declared the victor with an 80% vote shareThe first quarter of this year. We. His critics said the election was rigged in his favoursome nurses in Japan are incensed at a request from Tokyo Olympic organizers to have 500 of them dispatched to help out wit.

On September 25 this years rolling file, the group said it had used a drone to drop 10 litres of “an incendiary mixture” on a base run by OMON: a Belarusian law enforcement force under the control of the Ministry of Interior.

Footage of the incident showed loud bangs and flashes emanating from part of the compoundThe outbreak quickly spread throughou. The building is located in 120th Division Heroes Streetincluding 585 patients in intensive care. There are 384 people are on ventilators., in Minsk’s Uruch’ye district: an area where many OMON officers and their families are known to resideThe United States kept skyrocketing upward until a peak of 787 cases per million on Feb. 4. A.

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