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After more than seven months of review, the Ministry of Commerce announced on May 19 that it would approve Google's acquisition of Motorola mobile with additional restrictive conditions, including free Andriod system for at least five years and all original equipment manufacturers that cannot treat Android platform in a discriminatory manner. After the expiration of five years, relevant market conditions can continue to be evaluated. Some analysts believe that, Because the industry is worried that Google may "favor one over the other" and give priority to providing system software and applications for its subsidiaries, Google made "The free commitment of Android system within five years has not only won the approval of the regulatory authorities for the transaction, but also dispelled the concerns of domestic mobile device manufacturers in this regard and will continue to benefit.

the Ministry of Commerce said that during the review, it pointed out to Google the effects of excluding and restricting competition that this acquisition will produce, and Google submitted the final commitment to solve the competition problem on May 15 this year. According to the commitment, the Ministry of Commerce decided to attach restrictions Approval of the acquisition: within five years from the date of the decision of the Ministry of ultra nano friction and wear testing machine, Google will license the Android platform on a free and open basis and treat all original equipment manufacturers in a non discriminatory manner. After the expiration of the five-year period, the Ministry of commerce can continue to evaluate the situation of relevant markets

for "On the issue of discrimination and fair treatment, the Ministry of Commerce pointed out that before launching the new version of Android system, Google will first cooperate with a manufacturer to test the adaptability of the new version of system and terminal hardware equipment, and the selected terminal manufacturer will have the opportunity to obtain the new system first, so as to be in a favorable position in the market competition. After the acquisition, Motorola mobile may become the test object.

the review period has been extended twice.

It is understood that on September 30, 2011, the Ministry of Commerce of China received the concentration declaration of Google's acquisition of Motorola mobile. Due to concerns that this acquisition may have the effect of excluding and restricting competition in China Mobile (Weibo) smart terminal operating system market, the further review period was extended twice on December 21, 2011 and March 20, 2012. On August 15 last year, Google announced its acquisition of Motorola mobile at a sky high price of US $12.5 billion. Subsequently, this acquisition was successively approved in many countries. In February this year, the US Department of Justice announced its approval of the deal, while the EU also announced its unconditional approval of the acquisition

although Google has repeatedly said that the company will continue to implement the opening strategy, the industry and market are also generally worried about whether Google will favor one over the other in terms of Android system. The Ministry of commerce also focused on this aspect, believing that free and open source code helps it quickly gain a dominant market position, and maintaining free and open source code for a considerable period of time is crucial to protect the reasonable expectations and legitimate interests of interested parties

according to the analysis of insiders yesterday, Google cannot completely prevent other manufacturers from using Android system. Instead, some domestic small and medium-sized equipment manufacturers are most worried about whether they can continue to use Android system, which is highly dependent on Android system, because the free conference theme: the system helps them save a lot of costs. "Like Samsung (Weibo) General screw and other enterprises are deeply developing Android systems and are diversifying to reduce risks, while some domestic manufacturers are blindly reducing costs regardless of user experience

According to the announcement of the Ministry of Commerce, although Motorola mobile does not have obvious advantages over other manufacturers, Android system occupies a dominant position in the mobile intelligent terminal operating system market and will be maintained and consolidated for a period of time. Data show that in the fourth quarter of 2011, Android system developed by Google alone accounted for 73.99% of the Chinese market share, while Symbian system of Nokia (Weibo) accounted for 12.53% and IOS of Apple accounted for 10.67%

patent battle success restricts rivals, such as the midpoint to point of the graph. This paragraph is the product weapon of the strengthening stage. The patent war in the market is getting worse and worse. Motorola mobile is also favored by Google because it has many patents in the field, in order to deal with the patent litigation faced by Android system. However, in the industry, the patent war has also become an important weapon to restrict competitors' products. According to media reports, the U.S. International Trade Commission just ruled last Friday that Motorola mobile infringed a Microsoft patent, which affected some of Motorola Mobile's intelligence

the patent war between HTC and apple is even more protracted, and is going on in many places around the world at the same time. Recently, HTC's two high-end smartphones have also been postponed to the U.S. market by ITC's ban. Yesterday, HTC said that it had not yet learned the examination results of each specific product, but it was intensifying its cooperation with the U.S. Customs. Although it is reported that the U.S. district court asked the two sides to negotiate a settlement of the patent dispute, the outside world is generally not optimistic about it

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