Domestic mobile phone panel demand rebounded in Au

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Domestic panel demand rebounded in August

affected by the off-season effect and the adjustment of subsidy policies by domestic telecom companies, the domestic smart market began to cool down in June and July, and cut orders to adjust inventory. DisplaySearch pointed out that the current domestic panel inventory is at the normal water level, and it is estimated that if there is no such statement in August, a new wave of stock up will begin

Huaying, Caijing and Youda have actively attacked the domestic intelligent market this year, and the shipment of small and medium-sized panels in the second half of the year is not bearish. Lin Shengchang, general manager of Huaying, pointed out that there were some adjustments in supply and demand in June and July, and he was still optimistic about the next market situation. It was estimated that the average shipment size in the second half of the year would be enlarged to more than 4.5 inches. Because Caijing has only one factory, it is expected to remain fully loaded in the third quarter

the domestic smart market experienced frequent shortages in the industrial chain in March and April, as well as China Mobile's adjustment of the subsidy strategy for 3.5-inch single core smartphones, coupled with the impact of the traditional off-season in June, the market began to cool down, shipments fell, and there was news of order cutting, mainly HVGA and some WVGA products. However, with the beginning of the traditional peak seasons such as the school season and the National Day holiday at the end of August, it is expected that the market unloading will drive the panel industry to rebound from August

according to the statistics that the mechanical equipment is essentially the same, in the first quarter of this year, the shipment of products in the 3.5-3.9 inch range was 58.26 million pieces, with an annual decrease of 27.2%, of which the 3.5-inch 960640 products declined sharply by 65%, mainly because Apple began to adopt 4-inch iphone5; The 3.5-inch 480320 product has become the mainstream because of the intelligent entry-level configuration; However, as China Mobile rapidly reversed its subsidy policy for 3.5-inch single core intelligence in the second quarter, the domestic 3.5-inch 480320 products will show a significant downward trend

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