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PP domestic market slightly consolidated

today, some domestic PP market prices are stable, there is a small consolidation, market inquiries are increasing, and some merchants begin to close their offers and wait-and-see, and are not in a hurry to release materials. Downstream demand is still low

North China: there are not many quotations in the PP market in Beijing, and merchants are reluctant to wait and see. It is reported that T30S has been reported to 13200 yuan/ton, and k8303 seekers have increased. At present, there is no new quotation, and the mainstream quotation in the early stage is yuan/ton. There are few quotations in the PP market in Tianjin, and the middlemen have a strong wait-and-see atmosphere. In order to replace the diseased vitreous body and treat the detachment of the optic membrane, people use a variety of substitutes, such as air, normal saline, human aqueous humor, silicone oil, sodium hyaluronate, collagen, heterogeneous vitreous body, etc., to fill the vitreous body, but the treatment effect is not satisfactory, waiting for the Petrochemical new price lattice company to purchase from the parent company. Local T30S is reported to be about 13200 yuan/ton, and EPS30R resources are few. There are not many quotations in the PP market around Beijing, and the trading volume is small, so businesses are waiting and watching. It is reported that T30S is still quoted at 13200 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction can be negotiated. There are many people who inquire about k8303, but the quotation is few. Individual merchants intend to quote 14000 yuan/ton, k7726 intend to quote 14000 yuan/ton, and 4220 still quote about 16050 yuan/ton. Shandong local T30S mainstream quotation is 13200 yuan/ton, EPS30R quotation is 13900 yuan/ton, SP179 quotation is 13900 yuan/ton, eps30ra quotation is 13900 yuan/ton

East China: the PP market in East China is still unstable, the market supply is not large, and traders are still mainly on the sidelines. Traders in the PP market in Nanjing are not in a hurry to ship, and continue to be bullish in the aftermarket, with some F401 quotations maintained at about 13500 yuan/ton; The supply of copolymer resources is tightening, and the market quotation remains high. The quotation of j340 is about 14200 yuan/ton, and that of K8003 is about 14200 yuan/ton. The market price of PP market in Hangzhou has weakened slightly; Today, the mainstream quotation of Shaoxing T30S is about 13400 yuan/ton, Zhenhai T30S has a quotation of yuan/ton, and Yangzi F401 has a quotation of yuan/ton; The mainstream quotation of copolymer is about yuan/ton; EPS30R resources are scarce. The mainstream quotation of Zhenhai and CNPC T30S in the spot market in Yuyao region is maintained at yuan/ton, Shaoxing T30S is reported at about 13500 yuan/ton, and Yangzi F401 is reported at yuan/ton; The copolymer is reported as yuan/ton, and EPS30R is basically out of stock; PetroChina plastic injection reported yuan/ton, with few resources; Businesses still hold these structures for the future market, including the slight bullish psychology of molecular spring

South China: the market in South China has fallen slightly in stability, and market merchants remain on the sidelines. The price of PP in Guangzhou market fell today. The latest T30S mainstream reported 13350 yuan/ton, injection molding M160 reported about 13450 yuan/ton, and copolymerization EPC30R-H reported 13750 yuan/ton. It is reported in Xiamen PP market that the maximum price of Fulian T30S is 13700 yuan/ton, and that of PetroChina T30S is 13600 yuan/ton. The overall circulation resources in the local area are not much, and the merchants are mainly on the sidelines for the time being, with average transactions. Shunde PP market has a flat atmosphere in the morning, and the high price has fallen slightly. At present, Maoming nt30s has fallen to less than 12750 yuan/ton without tickets, and the change of injection molding and copolymerization resources is relatively small; The sharp drop in crude oil hit business confidence, and the market fell into a wait-and-see situation again. Shantou PP market Fulian T30S spot no ticket reported 1280, and the national billet market operated safely at 0 yuan/ton. Hainan and Dalian T30S without tickets are also reported at 12800 yuan/ton, and Hainan v30g is reported at 13100 yuan/ton without tickets. Businesses are mainly on the sidelines, and it is difficult to conclude a deal

analysis and prediction: because demand has not yet recovered significantly, the driving effect of market price rise on the market is still restrained, but due to the lack of market resources, market merchants are more bullish on the market after the rise, and more wait-and-see

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