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The domestic market status of plastic machinery extruders and auxiliary machines

extruders are also one of the main varieties of plastic machinery, accounting for 31% of the total output value of plastic machinery, and plastic products processed by extruders account for about 1/3 of its total

single screw extruder plays an important role as both plasticizing and granulating machinery and molding and processing machinery. In recent years, single screw extruder has made great development. At present, for the large single screw extruder for granulation produced in Germany, the screw will increase at a rate of more than 15% every year, the rod diameter will reach 700mm, and the output will be 36t/h. The main symbol of the development of single screw extruder lies in the development of its key part - screw. In recent years, people have done a lot of theoretical and Experimental Research on screws. 7. Press the "reset" key on the operation timer. So far, there are nearly 100 kinds of screws, including separation type, shear type, barrier type, shunt type and wavy type. In terms of the development of single screw, although the single screw extruder has been relatively perfect in recent years, with the continuous development of polymer materials and plastic products, more characteristic new screws and special single screw extruders will emerge. In general, the single screw extruder is developing towards high speed, high efficiency and specialization

twin screw extruder has good feeding characteristics, is suitable for powder processing, and has better mixing, exhaust, reaction and self-cleaning functions than single screw extruder. It is characterized by its advantages in processing plastics and blends with poor thermal stability. In recent years, foreign twin-screw extruders have been greatly developed. Various forms of twin-screw extruders have been serialized and commercialized, and there are many manufacturers. They are roughly classified as follows:

(1) according to the relative position of the two axes, there are parallel and conical

(2) according to the meshing procedure of two screws, there are meshing type and non meshing type

(3) according to the rotation direction of the two screws, there are the same direction and different direction of the home appliance shell, and there are inward and outward in the different direction

(4) according to the screw rotation speed, there are high speed and low speed

(5) according to the structure of screw and barrel, there are integral and combined

on the basis of twin-screw extruders, some manufacturers have developed multi screw extruders, such as planetary extruders, in order to process blends with poor thermal stability more easily

China's twin-screw extruder has incomplete product series and few specifications. Many plastic products enterprises in China still use imported twin-screw extruders. In the early 1990s, South China University of technology invented the electromagnetic dynamic plasticizing extruder, and the new theory and concept attracted attention

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