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Alkylbenzene domestic overcapacity enterprises should increase overseas market expansion

alkylbenzene domestic overcapacity enterprises should increase overseas market expansion

April 16, 2019

alkylbenzene is a colorless transparent liquid with aromatic but different flavor in bump temperature experiment. It is mainly used in surfactant, papermaking, spices and other fields, of which the market application in surfactant field accounts for more than 95%, Therefore, the development of surfactant industry is the key determinant of the development trend of alkylbenzene industry

surfactants have a series of physical and chemical functions such as wetting or anti sticking, emulsifying or demulsifying, foaming or defoaming, solubilization, dispersion, washing, corrosion prevention, antistatic and corresponding practical applications. Surfactants play an important role in the development of pillar industries of the national economy, such as energy, machinery, chemical industry, materials, medicine and agricultural chemicals. China is a major producer of surfactants and one of the important producers of surfactants in the world. The huge downstream consumption scale makes China's alkylbenzene industry continue to expand production capacity of Chinese coatings. According to the Research Report on market monitoring and future development prospects of China's alkylbenzene industry in, released by xinsijie, China's alkylbenzene production capacity reached 920000 tons in 2018. In addition to the established alkylbenzene production enterprises of Jinling Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jintong Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Fushun Petrochemical Branch of China National Petroleum Corporation, and Jiangsu Jintong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., which have been developing for a long time, a new Enterprise Inner Mongolia Andeli Chemical Co., Ltd. appeared in the alkylbenzene Market in China in 2018, but its production capacity is small, Only 40000 tons

alkyl benzene is an anion. Several methods are provided under the surface to reduce the error of small workpieces of the Leeb hardness tester. 6. Before loading the Leeb hardness tester, it is necessary to check whether the loading handle is placed in the unloading position: the main raw material of the activator, because the market development of washing products has been relatively mature, the growth of production and sales has slowed down, and the development situation of China's national economy in 2018 is less than that in 2017, China's experimental fixture: the production and sales of 3T rotary wedge tensile washing products increased slowly, resulting in insufficient driving force for the growth of China's alkylbenzene demand and serious domestic overcapacity. In 2018, the demand for alkylbenzene in China was less than 720000 tons

domestic overcapacity, coupled with the release of new capacity, has deepened the competition in China's alkylbenzene industry. In order to open up market sales, some enterprises have gradually turned their market development to foreign countries. In, China's exports of alkylbenzene increased significantly. In 2016, the export volume of alkylbenzene in China was 23000 tons; In 2018, China's exports of alkylbenzene increased to 36000 tons. However, compared with the huge capacity scale, the export scale of China's alkylbenzene is still very small

xinsijie industry analysts believe that the daily chemical industry in the Middle East, Africa, South America and surrounding Southeast Asia, India and other countries and regions is in rapid development, and the potential demand for alkylbenzene in these regions is large, so Chinese enterprises can expand the alkylbenzene market in these regions

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