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Domestic machine tools serving large aircraft need to be upgraded.

from the start of Yunshi to the start of the large aircraft project, although it has been delayed for more than 20 years, it is enough to make the flying dream of a generation of civil aviation people no longer out of reach. On May 11, 2008, the project company China commercial aircraft Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the independent development of China's large aircraft, was established in Shanghai, with a registered capital of 19billion yuan. The whole development process will last more than 10 years, which will play a positive role in stimulating the growth of related industries

as the machine tool of the equipment manufacturing industry, the machine tool industry undertakes the mission of providing excellent equipment for the manufacturing of large passenger aircraft. Zhang Hui, general manager of AVIC international industry and Trade Corporation, believes that the aviation industry needs to have more equipment manufacturing products of its own, which is a national behavior and requires enterprises to respond. At the same time, the state should also actively guide

smell the machine and dance

in order to meet the needs of the development of China's aviation industry, China's aviation industry system carried out a new reform at the end of 2008, merging and reorganizing the former aviation industry group I and group II into the new China Aviation Industry Corporation, which shows the country's firm will and determination to concentrate resources and energy on the development of high-tech aviation industry represented by large aircraft. According to the relevant budget, from the early research and development expenses of large aircraft to the construction of production capacity, and then to the final launch of products on the market, the relevant investment will exceed 200billion yuan on the whole

aerospace industrial product parts are characterized by high temperature resistance, high strength and difficult processing. At the same time, there are many alloy materials and composites, many complex structural parts and high process requirements. The plates or forgings used for the blanks of beams, frames, ribs and sidings of large aircraft are large blocks weighing hundreds of kilograms or even tons, which must be processed with heavy and ultra heavy machine tools

after the large aircraft project was approved, China's equipment manufacturing enterprises danced around the large aircraft project and carried out all aspects of work. The machine tool industry is one of them, hoping to get the opportunity to improve the product grade and industrial energy level in the large aircraft project

75%~95% of the materials of the blank need to be milled by turning, boring and milling, so large, high-speed, precision, multi axis high-performance CNC Floor milling machine and machining center are needed; Precision machining center and coordinate boring and milling machining center are needed for engine processing; It also needs a large number of special machine tools and flexible automatic production lines with high rigidity and efficiency

in addition to machine tools, the domestic multi-channel modular CNC system has come out, which can simultaneously realize the processing and action of more than 16 processes such as milling, grinding, drilling, etc., especially the one-time clamping technology, which greatly improves the workpiece processing accuracy

in addition, the machine tool industry should not only design, manufacture and install machine tools, flexible production lines and machining centers for aircraft manufacturers, but also strive to provide a package of services such as consulting advice, complete equipment, engineering contracting and turnkey projects for aircraft manufacturers. Therefore, large aircraft manufacturing has given the machine tool industry a rare development opportunity, and the machine tool industry may take the opportunity to take off

In order to meet the performance requirements of high speed, high mobility, high load and long range, modern aircraft adopts a large number of new technologies, new structures and new materials, and its parts are increasingly developing towards large-scale size, complex shape, lightweight structure, diversified materials and precision manufacturing. For example, beams, frames, ribs, sidings, stringers, typical parts of aircraft fuselage structural parts, as well as the key parts of aircraft engines, such as casings, various blades and integral bladed discs, have large outlines and different shapes

the modern aviation manufacturing industry is usually faced with the production tasks of multi variety, small batch and short production cycle, so the process system is required to have a high response speed. Typical parts to be machined in aviation manufacturing industry mainly include fuselage structural parts, key engine parts, landing gear parts and airborne product parts. Due to their different structure and performance requirements, they also have different emphasis on the needs of machine tools

the structural parts of aircraft fuselage mainly include beams, frames, ribs, sidings and other parts. Most of these parts are made of aluminum alloy or titanium alloy. Generally, the outline dimensions are large. They are thin-walled and multi cavity. Therefore, they are an integral frame structure, with a large amount of mechanical cutting removal and high surface quality requirements. Processing such parts requires large and heavy machine tools, which require the workbench to bear more than 10 tons and a high rigidity machine tool with an effective stroke of more than 15 meters

the key components of aircraft engine include compressor, combustion chamber, turbine, etc. The parts of such products are mostly high-temperature alloys or high-temperature resistant composite materials, which are generally of irregular ring structure, with poor rigidity, high precision, complex profile and great processing difficulty. Processing such parts requires large and medium-sized multi-function, high-precision CNC machine tools, which require high flexibility, excellent CNC system, powerful measurement function, many stations, and large tool library capacity, such as large-scale precision CNC vertical turning center, five axis linkage machining center, and multi axis CNC gantry milling. In addition, it is also necessary to develop high-performance impeller processing special machine tools for engine impellers

the aircraft landing gear is generally made of forged blanks of high-strength steel by machining. Forging the blanks of landing gear requires 10000 ton press, and the processing of blanks requires medium and large-scale CNC Floor Boring and milling machines, five axis linkage gantry machining centers and other equipment. Airborne products have a wide variety of parts, complex structures, diverse materials and different performances. Processing such parts requires small and medium-sized high-precision multi-function CNC compound machine tools and high-speed CNC milling machines, such as high-precision vertical and horizontal machining centers and high-precision turning, milling, grinding compound machining centers and other machine tools

high end gap

after the approval of China's large aircraft, the CNC machine tool industry began to actively develop machine tools for the production of large aircraft parts. Central China CNC is engaged in the research and development of CNC systems in China and reached a cooperation agreement with the Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences on the research of aluminum foil battery materials; Enterprises that take the opportunity of the provincial strategic emerging industry convergence and development base to produce five axis CNC gantry milling machines, which can process complex machine parts such as aircraft turbines. Wuzhong, the two leading enterprises in the machine tool industry in Hubei Province, and Huazhong CNC are also planning to cooperate in production, learning and research to provide high-quality processing machines for the production of large aircraft

there are 3million ~ 5million spare parts of large passenger aircraft. Liujihong, Professor of Aircraft Manufacturing Engineering Department of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, said in an interview with this newspaper that the large aircraft project will promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry and speed up the development of high-end mechanical equipment

the aircraft itself is an equipment, which is made by many other equipment. He said that in the development of large aircraft, the company's announcement was that in the process of launching the new projet MJP 5600, a complete set of large-scale precision high-end CNC machine tools were needed. For example, the large structural parts that form the wings required the machine tools to have multi axis linkage and high-speed machining performance. It is understood that the blanks of the main load-bearing structures of modern aircraft, such as beams, frames, ribs and large wall panels, are plates or forgings, weighing hundreds of kilograms or even tons, but many materials of the blanks will be processed, so the processing workload is huge. It is a trend for aircraft to adopt high-speed digital control processing technology

at present, the ability of large-scale precision high-end CNC machine tools in China urgently needs to be improved. The opinions of the State Council on accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry lists high-end CNC machine tools as one of the 16 major development projects. High end machine tools also need the support of basic components, such as sensors, high-speed and precision spindles, gears, etc. in this regard, there is also a gap between China's related enterprises and foreign countries, and there is a lot of room for improvement. Liu Jihong said that in the 11th Five Year Plan for science and technology support of the Ministry of science and technology, many basic components, including the above-mentioned components, were listed as the key points for the breakthrough and development of machinery manufacturing technology

in order to adapt to the development of aviation industry, China's equipment manufacturing industry has made some achievements, such as the successful development of a beam mobile gantry five axis machining center for the processing of large aircraft plates, which can carry out deep processing of aircraft wings, turbines and propellers

it is worth mentioning that the approval of the 80000 ton heavy die forging hydraulic press initially reflects the pull of the large aircraft project on the equipment manufacturing industry. As the key heavy equipment urgently needed to support the independent development of national large aircraft, the construction scheme of the die forging hydraulic press project not only is conducive to the development of large aircraft, but also promotes the manufacturing of large forging equipment, large discs and structural parts in China

urgent upgrade

the aviation industry has always been the main industry leading the development of machine tools, and it is also a major consumer of machine tools. The implementation of the large aircraft project has posed new challenges to China's machine tool industry

although China has successfully developed regional aircrafts, compared with large aircrafts, their manufacturing equipment can not meet the needs of large aircrafts for complex, efficient and composite processing of ultra heavy and heavy parts. All aviation manufacturing enterprises are facing the upgrading choice of large-scale processing equipment

at present, the machine tools and equipment for processing key aircraft parts in China's aviation manufacturing industry mainly depend on imports, and these machine tools and equipment are products that are difficult to import from abroad or are not exported to China. Therefore, the large aircraft project puts forward urgent requirements for improving the localization technology level of China's high-end machine tools

insiders believe that multi-functional compound machine tools should be vigorously developed. Although some machining centers have realized that various machining processes such as turning, milling, boring, grinding and polishing can be combined on one machine tool, this still cannot fully meet the processing of key aviation parts in the future. The compound machining machine tool, which combines machining with laser, electric, chemical, ultrasonic and other machining methods with different process characteristics, will have a broad development and application prospect in the aerospace manufacturing industry in the future

in addition, it is urgent to coordinate the balanced development of machine tool host and CNC system, functional components, cutting tools and measuring equipment, improve product functions, and improve the independent development and manufacturing capacity of key supporting equipment. Equipment serves the process. In order to realize the close integration of process and equipment, machine tool enterprises must understand and be familiar with the user's process, pay attention to the dynamic development of the user's manufacturing process technology, accurately position the market for products, and develop new equipment that meets the user's requirements. Strive to provide users with machine tools and equipment, but also provide overall technological solutions to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and products

at the same time, we should pay attention to system design, integrate information technology, promote digital manufacturing, and vigorously improve the manufacturing process level of machine tool equipment and the reliability and stability of the whole machine. In the technical route of machine tool equipment research and development, we should adhere to the principle of digitalization, integration as a means, compounding as a feature, high-speed, precision and green as the goal, highlight automation, networking, and finally realize intellectualization

stones from other mountains

the development needs of national major equipment have pointed out the direction for the development of machine tool industry. According to the demand and development characteristics of aerospace equipment, how to meet the needs of aerospace industry for manufacturing equipment and better serve the aerospace industry is a problem that machine tool enterprises must solve

According to his observation, Zhang Hui, general manager of AVIC international industry and trade company, said that many foreign equipment manufacturing enterprises have set up special facilities for aviation production

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