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Pile up large screen domestic manufacturers or fall into the profit "trap"

Samsung's large screen product note not only stimulates some consumers' nerves, but also allows many manufacturers to see opportunities for large screens. Not long ago, at the international consumer electronics show, Huawei launched ascendmate, which is equipped with a 6.1-inch display, slightly smaller than Amazon's kindlefire tablet, while ZTE, another manufacturer, also released nubiaphablet and launched a 5-inch grand s. In addition, according to insiders, Lenovo and TCL are also making the layout of large screens

however, industry analysts say that large screens are likely. 1. Leisure and sports soles are a profit trap

the fact is that we haven't seen the outbreak of this market yet. Digitimesresearch analyst Lin Junji told China business yesterday that the large screen represented by 5 inches has been relatively popular in the Asia Pacific region in the past two years, but the European and American markets have performed in an average manner. Its proportion in the overall smart sales is very low, and perhaps the overall proportion is still a long way from 10%

chenxuebin, senior manager of the product planning department of the upstream manufacturer Xinli optoelectronics, also said to him that from 5-inch to 6.5-inch screens, almost every 0.2 inch will be opened, and the manufacturer hopes to show its own differentiation through the large screen

although the structure and composition are different at present, with 6.5-inch products in mold opening work, the most mainstream size is still about 4.5-inch and 4.7-inch screens. Chen Xuebin said that everyone is still a little cautious about this market. An insider revealed that the current shipment of large screens in the domestic market may be less than 300000 in a month

previously, many analysis institutions had high hopes for the large screen market

the latest mobile report released by Ericsson shows that by 2018, the monthly data traffic of each smart phone will increase by four times, reaching 1900 trillion. Barclays Bank also predicts that the market size of phablet (large screen Intelligence) will triple in the next three years, reaching US $135billion. In the same period, the shipment of 5-inch and above equipment will increase nearly 9 times to 228million units

Neilmawston, an analyst at strategyanalytics, a market research institution, said: we expect 2013 to become the year of phablet

among domestic manufacturers, many manufacturers are ready to move

meet the automotive interior standard

Bruce Lee, the chief operating officer of Huawei's terminal product line, expressed the trend of future products: in the future, the boundary between large screen and small-size tablet computers will become increasingly blurred, and users' pursuit of large screen continues to increase. Huawei has also found this trend and will launch a number of intelligent 5-inch and above screens

this (large screen) market is a market that can be seen in the future, and it is also a market with greater advantages when (domestic brands) compete with international brands. Ding Peng, President of Shenzhen xinlongshang Communication Technology Co., Ltd., a solution company, told that at present, the price of low-end large screens with more than 5 inches in the market is about 1000 yuan. The profit is too low, mainly customer customization. Ding Peng revealed that the company makes large screens for a domestic Internet company, and the monthly delivery volume is generally only a few thousand

Liliantay, an analyst at Gartner, a market research company, said that whether the adhesion with the wall is higher and more stable, whether phablet can replace the tablet or not, hardware manufacturers should not rush into the field of phablet, because the phablet market is currently dominated by Samsung, and many manufacturers develop products, which is bound to become a fierce Red Sea in the future

Lin Junji said that as high-end panels enter the 1080p era, it is normal for manufacturers to compete with screens with more than 5 inches. However, with the fierce homogenization competition, large size will not be a guarantee for best-selling, topical or attracting consumers' attention

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