The trouble of the most popular napkin machine

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10. Working power supply of the napkin machine: 220V ~ 240V fault problem

the napkin machine is one of the important equipment in the paper machinery, and it is the equipment with the best sales and output in the current period. However, many people do not know much about its fault analysis. In fact, it is simple to understand some purchasing skills! It is clear that the safety valve can be added to protect the following points of the sensor: bearing heating, check whether there is lack of oil. The main engine bearing and pinion shaft assembly are lubricated with grease, and the reducer is lubricated with engine oil. If there is no lack of oil, check the concentricity of each part of the napkin machine, and check the main machine and transmission part respectively. The large bearing pedestal is not concentric with the hollow shaft, resulting in friction and heat generation between the hollow shaft and the bearing gland. The transmission pinion shaft is not concentric with the bearing seat, causing friction between the transmission shaft and the bearing gland. If the reducer is not concentric with the pinion shaft, or the reducer is not concentric with the motor, the bearing will be overloaded and heated. When the hollow shaft and the large bearing seat of the napkin machine are not concentric seriously, it will cause difficulties in starting, trouble in operation, motor heating, etc. Therefore, the concentricity of all parts shall be ensured during installation, which provides energy-saving basic materials that do not transmit visible light but transmit thermal radiation. (end)

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