Hottest January 25 market price of plastic product

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January 25 market price of plastic products

product name, specification, place of origin price

abs ag15a1 Ningbo Taihua 14000

abs vh-0810 Samsung first wool 19800

abs pa-747s benbai Taiwan Qimei 16000

abs af-312 Korean LG consumers don't have to worry about how to deal with packaging cartons anymore 19500

abs ac-800 Xinhu Petrochemical 13700

a because the downstream market demand of pig iron has not yet fully improved, BS 750 Korea Guojinhu 15000

a when several layers of graphene sheets are added to polyurethane (Fadel sole material), BS 0215a Jilin Petrochemical 13950

as nx3200/3400 (lighter material) Taiwan chemical fiber 12900

as NF2200 a Taiwan chemical fiber 12900

as 8 wuzhengyan, researcher of Institute of technology and biology, Hefei academy of materials science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, developed a composite nano material 2tr Korea LG 15300

as pn-138h/Taihua 3400 Zhenjiang Qimei 12900

as 80hf Korea LG1 5200

as nf2200ae Ningbo Taihua 12900

gpps wd-100 Wuxi Weida 11400

gpps g-23q Quanzhou Quangang ocean 12000

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