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On January 30, some enterprises' ABS production and sales dynamics

1. One line of Shanghai Gaoqiao ABS plant was shut down for maintenance, and the other two lines produced 275 and 8391 respectively. Today, the mainstream quotation of 275 is 14000 yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of 8391 is 14700 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's sales are average, and the inventory is not high

2. Changzhou Xinhu ABS device operates normally. Today, the price is stable. Ac800 is quoted at 15400 yuan/ton, and ac810 is quoted at 15500 yuan/ton with the continuous progress of science and technology. The actual transaction price is lower than the quotation, with a certain preferential tone. In recent days, the weather is bad, and the manufacturer's delivery is basically stagnant

3. The ABS unit of Lanzhou Petrochemical is in full production. The price in 301 province is stable at 15100 yuan/ton, and the price in as province is stable at 14100 yuan/ton. Yesterday, the inventory was average, and the source of goods was mainly sent to PetroChina

4. The production of Ningbo LG Yongxing ABS device is normal. Today, the reference price of 121h is stable at 16000 yuan/ton. The actual transaction of the manufacturer can be slightly preferential. The price of 121h is 1770 dollars/ton. The manufacturer doesn't have much inventory, and the delivery is normal

5. Zhenjiang Guoheng ABS unit is in full production, and the quotation remains stable. The D180 quotation is 15900 yuan/ton, and the D190 quotation is 5800 yuan/ton after removing the cause of the failure. The actual ex factory price is low, and the manufacturer's inventory is general

6. The operating rate of Zhenjiang Qimei ABS device is% and the current price remains stable. The price of 707k is 15600 yuan/ton and the price of 757K is 15900 yuan/ton. The manufacturer has average inventory and poor sales

7. At present, the ABS unit of Daqing Petrochemical operates stably, and the manufacturer's inventory and sales are basically normal. The quotation of 750A in Northeast China is 15050 yuan/ton, and that of PetroChina Northeast company is 15 yuan/ton

8. Eight lines of Ningbo Taihua ABS plant are in full production. There is no doubt about the development trend of AG1 new energy vehicles. The price of 5A1 is 16000 yuan/ton, the price of AG12A1 is 16000 yuan/ton, and the price of AG15E1 is 15800 yuan/ton; The price of NF2200 is 15000 yuan/ton, the actual ex factory price is low, and the manufacturer's inventory is general

9. The ABS unit of Jilin Petrochemical operates normally. Today, the price of 0215a in the province is 15050 yuan/ton (northeast price). Yesterday, the sales were average, and the inventory was not high. Most of the goods were shipped to PetroChina

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