How to clean and maintain the integrated ceiling

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Now most of the integrated ceiling itself has the characteristics of oil resistance and dust prevention, and it is easy to clean, so many people will no longer clean and maintain the ceiling after installation. This is absolutely wrong. No matter how anti fouling it is, if it is not well maintained and cleaned, it will affect the ceiling after all. Therefore, the problems in the ceiling maintenance process have been sorted out by Xiaobian. You can learn from them

Q: how to clean and maintain the integrated ceiling

A: generally, our integrated ceiling is installed in the bathroom and kitchen

1: cleaning of kitchen integrated ceiling &mdash& mdash; In general, the gusset plate in the kitchen will be roller coated, and a few will use wire drawing, which is also a better process in roller coating. Not many people use film coating plate in order to save money. The cleaning of the former is in the kitchen, and there will be oil stains, so it is OK to use a small amount of detergent, but there should be sufficient water to mix in, and a soft cloth with good water absorption should be used to wipe after being stained with water, It doesn't matter if you can exert a little force in the middle, but when you are on the four sides, you should exert a little force. Special attention should be paid not to hard cloth and cleaning balls. Once scrubbed, many small filaments will be left on the bright panel, damaging the gusset plate. At this time, if it is roller coated, it is not good, if it is coated, it is not good. Another point is that if you use a cheap poor board, heavy, you should be careful, because it contains a lot of iron components, not aluminum magnesium alloy gusset plate, so it is easier to rust after seeing water. After scrubbing with a wet soft towel for the first time, scrub with clean water for the second time. It's OK to open the window for ventilation and dry naturally. If the ventilation and sunshine are not good, then it's good to use a good quality towel paper once

2: cleaning of integrated ceiling in toilet &mdash& mdash; Generally speaking, if there is no oil stain, it's easy to take care of and clean it. It's good to often scrub it with soft cloth and water. In a month or two, it's OK to take care of it once by cleaning the kitchen. The situation in the corridor is similar to that in the bathroom. It's still necessary to explain that if it's bad, it's better to take care of it less. It's OK to remove the dust with soft cloth at ordinary times, because the more you clean, the faster the rust will come out. A good board has no problem for more than ten years. Your cheap gusset board has only three years' chance. After three years, it will start to rust from the edge, and finally it will be ugly. You will regret that it was so cheap for dozens of yuan a square, which is not worth it

maintenance of integrated ceiling: metal alloy panel has strong water resistance and scrubbing resistance. In daily cleaning, scrub with detergent and then clean with water; The cracks in the kitchen are easily polluted by oil stains. When cleaning, you can use a brush dipped in detergent and then clean it with clean water; Be careful not to touch the lighting circuit with water

pay attention to the timely cleaning and maintenance of the integrated ceiling. In this way, the service life of the integrated ceiling can be extended and its greater value can be played





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