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For home decoration, whether to find road guerrillas or formal decoration companies is a problem that many owners hesitate. The biggest advantage of a regular company lies in its professionalism and reputation, but the relatively high price is its weakness in competition. The road guerrillas seem to be cheap, but only you know whether you can really worry and rest assured in the end! As consumers, facing these two camps in the home decoration market, how to analyze and choose in the end in order to obtain the most satisfactory decoration effect and quality assurance

◆ price PK

home decoration guerrillas can occupy a certain share in the decoration market. It can be said that low quotation is a key factor. Lu Zong, the person in charge of Xingyi decoration, pointed out that after the citizens paid the down payment for the house purchase, the decoration funds reserved by most people were not enough to pay the expensive home decoration expenses. In this case, the home decoration guerrillas with relatively low prices undoubtedly become the first choice of many consumers

in terms of unit price, there is a large price difference between the regular army and the guerrillas. As an orderly organization, regular companies are more standardized and will be more objective in the quotation process. To maintain the normal operation of this organization, its cost is bound to be spread to the quotation of each decoration. However, the part of its quotation higher than that of the guerrillas is not the cost of materials, but the cost of management, design, training of construction personnel, rental of office space, etc., in order to provide better services to decorators. In addition, regular decoration companies mostly use the form of contracting labor and materials, which can not only ensure the quality of materials, but also get a reasonable price due to batch use, and its cost is not higher than that of guerrillas

‘ Workshop style ’ Guerrilla construction teams do not have to pay such costs. They basically accept an offer they can make, and the final profit is based on input and contribution ‘ Share ’ It's OK. President Lu pointed out that the guerrillas did not have too many rules and regulations, and just happened to cut corners. In order to win the project, they would completely win over customers at a very low price. However, it still wants to make money. The common loophole is to use your brain on materials, and the price may be higher as a result

◆ design PK

with professional vision and professional knowledge, provide professional, complete, appropriate and targeted design for the owner, which has always been regarded by the regular army as a heavy weapon against guerrillas. Mr. Lu said that he hoped that home decoration design could show his attitude and desire towards life, and consumers with such ideas would usually choose the regular army. Because the house type and structure of each room are different, the final effect is also different. At this point, the road guerrillas cannot design a level. The interior designers of home decoration companies have received professional training. They keep pace with the times and know how to innovate without breaking away from life. They will design the most suitable scheme according to the room space, function, aesthetic preference of the owner and family members, so as to express the cultural taste of the owner

the designer's design scheme can only be started after being signed and approved by the owner. Moreover, the designer will continue to visit the site to ensure that the construction is carried out according to the drawing and the project achieves the expected effect. President Lu pointed out that decoration companies focus on mastering laws, such as the overall decoration of the room, the color of light, human function and many other related disciplines, which are beyond the reach of ordinary road guerrillas or irregular decoration companies. The fixed impression of guerrillas is that they can't talk about design, basically copy some popular home decoration elements, or move around according to the requirements of customers, and the effect is often different. Even if I try my best, I only produce a few plane layout sketches, so that I can shoot my head and change it wherever the home decoration is done, and the decoration effect is certainly not guaranteed

◆ construction PK

don't mention the decoration style, materials and overall effect for the time being. If you look at the surface roughly, the house we decorate doesn't seem to be much different from the house installed by the guerrillas. Lu said that in fact, the difference is mainly reflected in the details, which is invisible. Because in the construction process, the degree of standardization of the two is different

decoration is a huge systematic construction process. It seems simple, but it contains a lot of knowledge. The construction technology of water, electricity, wood, tile and oil is complex, but it is not sloppy at all. For example, Mr. Lu said that when installing sockets, the decoration company would wind the extra wires into a circle and then insert them into the box, but the guerrillas directly inserted the wires, which was very easy to cause two wires to be connected together, thus causing a short circuit. If the owner is not on site, he can't see it at all, let alone know the difference

usually, a home decoration guerrilla is contracted by a construction team leader with several electricians, plasterers, carpenters, painters, etc., using saws, axes and trowels — Household room decoration. President Lu pointed out that this operation mode is inefficient and the cycle is too long, and the process effect also needs to be discussed. The guerrillas they find often lack the ability to deal with various complex situations on the construction site, the use of special materials and the ability to cope with on-site emergencies, while regular home decoration enterprises form groups according to professional lines, which have certain inevitability in terms of materials and construction technology, and have a set of inherent management modes. For example, the storage and transportation of materials, the connection of various process types in construction, and the supervision, inspection, quality inspection and other departments check for the owner, fully implement the industrialization process, double the production efficiency, and carefully regulate at the same time

◆ quality pk

guerrillas shoot and change places. They take money and leave after the completion of the project. There is no fixed office space, so it is impossible to promise after-sales service and ensure quality. Most of them buy and sell with one hammer, and each order they receive is counted as one, without industrial constraints. Because there is no contract between the two sides, it is common to find no one after decoration, so that most owners who invite guerrillas to decorate will express such feelings: while I invite them to decorate, I am also prepared that they will not repair in the future

in this regard, President Lu said that the guerrillas' biggest advantage is low price, but due to the limited level of decoration, problems such as waste of materials, rough construction technology, unreasonable arrangement of water and electricity lines will appear. The most afraid thing is that after the owner moves in, there are problems such as blistering on the wall, blocked circuits, water pipe leakage, etc., and then go to the construction party. The building has long been empty, and there is no place to complain. Even if you are lucky to be found, the guerrillas often have no compensation ability

after finishing the decoration, the regular army usually promises a warranty period of one to two years. President Lu said that for the sake of self-development and brand creation, regular home decoration companies will definitely pay attention to project quality when decorating, and pay more attention to after-sales guarantee after completion. During the warranty period, if the house you installed has quality problems, you can find the company at any time and ask it to repair. If the maintenance is not timely or in place, the owner can also complain to the Consumer Association. These guarantees of the regular army cannot be provided by the guerrillas





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