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In modern society, children have become the focus of families. For the healthy growth of children, parents have done their best. Children's room is an important room for children's life. In addition to decoration, the decoration of children's room is also very exquisite. Placing some auspicious and festive decorations in the bedroom has a positive impact on children; On the contrary, placing accessories with hostility is easy to make people grumpy and impulsive

part I: taboos on Feng Shui bedside furnishings in children's room

bedside furnishings are seen by children every day before going to sleep. Bad furnishings will leave a bad impression on children before going to bed and affect their sleep quality. Therefore, parents must pay attention to the taboos of bedside furnishings and let children dream every day

1. Don't put terrorist jewelry

many people will buy some local souvenirs or local mascots when traveling around, such as ox horns, beasts, etc. Some parents will put these things at the head of their children's bed, thinking that they can make the decoration of the children's room more distinctive. In fact, these horrible ornaments will affect their children instead

editor's comments: Children's bedside must not be placed with terrifying decorations such as fierce eagles, tigers, ghost masks, etc. children are easy to have nightmares when they see terrifying decorations for a long time, which will affect children's subjective impression of things and easily distort children's psychology

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2. Do not place knives

most boys like martial arts films and are particularly fond of some knives. Out of the psychology of doting on their children, parents buy some beautiful knives and put them in their children's room or bedside as decorations. This is not conducive to the growth of children

editor's comments: do not put Japanese military knives, wooden knives, wooden forks and other weapons, so as to prevent children from forming a belligerent heart from childhood. Because knives make people feel grumpy, become grumpy and impulsive

Part II: Feng Shui Desk Decoration taboo in children's room

parents are concerned about learning. As the main tool for children to learn, desks should be paid attention to not only the placement, but also the placement of ornaments. Good desk accessories can effectively improve children's learning concentration

1. Never put a mirror on the desk

girls especially like to put a mirror on the desk, which is convenient to see their appearance at any time

editor's comments: don't put too many objects on the desk, and try not to put mirrors. Because the mirror is reflective, it is more eye-catching. When learning, children will not look at themselves in the mirror, distract themselves, and affect learning efficiency

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2. Desks should not be raised

due to the limitations and convenience of children's room space, parents will set bookshelves or place some tall furnishings on the desk, This will not only not create a learning atmosphere, but also affect the efficiency of learning

editor's comments: it is not suitable to put high objects on the desk, such as bookshelves, which will increase children's academic pressure and lead to children's school weariness

Part III: taboo of Feng Shui wall decorations in children's room

the wall is the main body of the whole room structure. Only good wall decoration is not enough. With appropriate decorations, the bedroom will be more brilliant. There are many precautions for the hanging of children's room, which must be in line with the healthy growth of children

1. Avoid hanging portraits of people and gods by all means.

the most common hanging in children's rooms is the portrait of stars or gods. I believe that many children have the habit of chasing stars, and they will stick their favorite star portraits on the wall. Some parents want their children to be blessed by the gods, so they hang the statues in their children's rooms. In fact, these two practices are taboo for children's room feng shui

editor's comments: the pictures on the wall should be mainly positive content, and it is not suitable to hang star pictures with heavy makeup, and do not hang statues, etc. Because it is easy for children to be influenced from childhood, which is not conducive to their natural growth. At the same time, putting the gods in the bedroom is also a sign of disrespect for the gods

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2. Avoid hanging wind bells

wind bells give people a feeling of elegance and freshness, and the "Ding" sound it makes people calm. But placing wind chimes in children's rooms is inappropriate in Feng Shui

editor's comments: don't hang too many wind chimes or strange ornaments in the children's room to avoid children's easy distraction or auditory hallucinations, which can seriously lead to neurasthenia. Also avoid hanging strange ornaments, so as not to make children behave strangely, because visible things must have spirits, and birds of a feather flock together


try to hang some paintings and pendants that meet children's interests and hobbies on the wall of children's room, such as pastoral oil paintings, or you can hang children's own works, which will be more conducive to children's physical and mental health

toys for children should be mainly piano, car or Jilin toys that are conducive to enlightening intelligence, and children's creativity and artistic atmosphere should be cultivated from an early age

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