DIY skillfully makes chair covers in winter

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If you sit on a chair at home for a long time, there will be obvious old traces. In addition, the solid wood chair at home will be very hard, and it will feel too cold to sit on in winter, so what should you do? Today we are going to bring you the practice of chair covers. Let's see how DIY can save money and be practical in making chair covers. Let's take a look at the introduction of the practice of the chair cover, so that the chair in your home can be refreshed and warm in winter

the practice of chair covers

I. skillfully making chair covers with wool

many people can knit sweaters, so you can make a chair cover for the chair at home, which is beautiful and practical

first prepare materials: chairs, wool, knitting rods for knitting wool

1. Then it starts to knit. Starting from the bottom of the chair, you can measure and estimate the number of stitches at the beginning, and then knit from bottom to top. After knitting to the height of the cushion, change the number of stitches and start knitting the back of the chair. The number of stitches should be set according to the actual size of the chair

2. Next, begin to weave the front, cushion and armrest of the chair backrest. Finally, sew them all together until the chair is completely covered. Is it simple and beautiful? The most important thing is to DIY yourself and experience the fun. You can also weave some pockets or decorations on it, which is beautiful and convenient. Although the wool weaving looks very extensive, it definitely makes your home a lot warmer

second, make chair covers with cloth

first, prepare materials and tools: a chair, beautiful cloth, ruler, scissors, chalk, needle and thread

1. If you want to make a hard chair, you can add cotton so that it won't wrinkle. If you want to make a chair with a cushion, you don't need to add it

2. Choose a larger place as the production place. When using the prepared scissors, it is best to use the wavy lace scissors. The cut edges are wavy. Such edges will not crack. When the requirements are not strict, they can replace the locking

3. Before cutting, measure the exact width of the chair back, the height of the chair back, the upper and lower width of the seat cushion, the vertical height of the seat cushion, and the size of the widest part of the seat cushion, and draw lines with chalk. When cutting, cut neatly

4. There are mainly three parts to be cut. The first is the part of the seat cushion. Attention should be paid to the width of the seam, which is generally 5 cm more. The second is the seat back. If the length of the seat back is more than 2 times, by the way, leave a long strip with three sides of the cushion, and tie a bow behind the seat. The third is the skirt part of the seat cushion, which can be pleated with moderate length

5. Put the cut part on the chair and measure it to see whether it is suitable

6. Be sure to iron them flat before sewing. Only in this way can they look better

7. Sew the skirt part on the three sides of the chair cushion, and pin it in the vertical direction with a bead needle, so that it can be sewn neatly

8. Fold the back of the chair in half, leave the stitching part, sew it with the cushion part, and tie a bow to fix it

9. It will be the same as the picture after sewing. Is it very simple

10. In winter, you can also make a plush cushion and tie it to the back of the chair to increase a lot of warmth

the above is the introduction to the practice of the chair cover. Are you confident in your DIY chair cover after reading it? In fact, the seat cover is not difficult. Start preparing immediately and let your little family wear it “ New clothes &rdquo





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